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KCYLL Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
I.  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.  Those in attendance included: 
Brett Hunter – SMA                                       Jon Birkel – Prairie Village
Rich Hunter – SMA                                        Jeremiah Ryden – Blue Valley
Janos Glynn – Blue Valley, First V.P.            Ken Bean – Northland                                   
Mike McKenna – Leawood                            AJ Hembree – Ray-Pec
Chris Baranczuk – Mill Valley                        Michelle Chrisman – Lee’s Summit
Rod Nofzier – Lee’s Summit                          Tracey Dujakovich – Olathe
Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s                                  Chris Brewster – Brookside
Gary Smith – Brookside                                 Marty Dakan – Brookside
Leah Burkhead – Secretary                            Jack Yates - President
Those not appearing but granting proxy: 
Pierre Barbeau (Leawood) proxy to Mike McKenna
Debbie Ward (Prairie Village) proxy to John Birkel
Bill Esrey (Pembroke Hill) proxy to Jack Yates
A.        All in attendance introduced themselves.
B.        Approval of Minutes
            There were no additions or corrections of the October 16, 2012 minutes so they were approved as written.
C.  Report of the President
            1.  Welcome to new programs
Jack welcomed the new programs, Ray-Pec and Mill Valley. 
2.   Introduction of new officers
The new officers were introduced.  Janos Glynn as the First Vice President, Bill Esrey as the Second Vice President, Leah Burkhead as the Secretary. The Board was advised that the election for Treasurer would be held tonight.  Jack thanked out-going Secretary Marty Dakan for her service and support of youth lacrosse and her wise counsel to him in his first year as President.
            3.  New Field Equipment
Jack advised that 12 new goals and 5 millimeter nets had been ordered and that he would need help stringing the goals, possibly some Saturday.  Brett Hunter on behalf of SMA indicated that there may be something that his field managers could do to familiarize themselves with the stringing of a goal.  Jack also indicated that six 6-foot folding tables and chairs were purchased so that there would be uniformity at each of the playing fields.
            4.  Request for estimates per program by grade level
            Jack shared estimates of teams per program by grade level.  The estimates at this point are 6 teams in U9, 16 teams in U11, 9 teams in 5th grade, 10 teams in 6th grade, 11 teams in 7th grade and 11 teams in 8th grade.
            5.  Contract for Services with SMA
            Jack advised that the contract with SMA was 99% done except for a few details that were being worked out.  He indicated that he would e-mail to the executive committee in the near future the finalized contract for their final approval.  Brett Hunter, on behalf of SMA, indicated that despite the contract not being finalized that they were going forward with their duties.
            6.  2013 Budget and Fee Structure 
            Jack advised of the proposed 2013 budget and fee structure and the methodology utilized in arriving at those figures.  Concern was voiced that the fee increase for the 5th graders was excessive since they are moving from turf to smaller fields this year.  This led to a discussion of the U11 and 5th grade games being moved from Saturday to Sunday which faced no opposition from the Board. 
            7.  Coaches Meeting February 2, 2013
            Jack advised that a mandatory coaches meeting is scheduled for February 2, 2013 at
9:00 a.m. at Pembroke Hill in the lower school cafeteria.  There was some discussion as to the confusion of the date as it was initially scheduled to take place on February 2, 2013 and
February 9, 2013.  Due to conflicts, the only coaches meeting is the one scheduled for
February 2, 2013.  Topics will include rule changes, official points of emphasis, age limits, coach and player safety, and efforts at improved communication.  The role the bench official will also be discussed.  This led to a discussion of training for timers and score-keepers.  Jack indicated that Blue Valley had used his training materials last year to train their timers and score-keepers.  Jack applauded their efforts.  Jack offered to provide these materials to any program wanting to train their timers and score-keepers.  This led to a discussion regarding the issues the officials had last year officiating different game levels due to the different rules.  Jack indicated that this year before each game the coach and officials would review which grade level was playing and the applicable rules.  Jack indicated that at every field there is a notebook that has information regarding the nearest emergency facility, a card outlining the different grade level rules, the NFHS rulebook and US Lacrosse Youth Rules, as well as reference materials for the
score-keepers and time-keepers.
            Jack also asked that each program advise him as to which of their coaches had been certified as level 1 or level 2 coaches as required by the Gold Stick standards so that information could be sent to the local US Lacrosse chapter to demonstrate KCYLA’s compliance with those standards and thereby maximize funding from US Lacrosse.
            8.  Referee Jamboree March 24, 2013
            Jack advised of the referee jamboree scheduled for March 24, 2013 at Shawnee Mission East.  So far there is 1 team committed for U11, 1 team for 6th grade, 3 for 7th grade and 1 for 8th grade.  Ideally, Jack indicated that there would be three games played in the morning and three in the afternoon.  As such, additional teams are needed.  Mike McKenna indicated that Leawood would have a U11 team and a 7th grade team, AJ Hembree indicated Ray-Pec would have 1 U11 team, Tracy Dujakovich indicated Olathe would have an additional 5th grade team.  Rod Nofziger indicated Lee’s Summit would have a 6th grade team.  Jack indicated we need additional U11, 5th grade and 8th grade teams.  The season is scheduled to start the following Saturday, March 30, 2013 with no games on March 31, 2013 as it is Easter, so there will be some grade 6-8 games scheduled on March 30 to reduce the number of games that will need to be made up.
            9.  Miscellaneous
            Jack also indicated that he had been contacted by a young man who graduated from Rockhurst High School and is now playing collegiate lacrosse at St. John’s, a Division II school.  They are playing games at Rockhurst on February 22, 2013 through February 24, 2013.  The young man had indicated he would like to have youth and high school teams play in conjunction with those games.  Jack indicated that if there was any interest to please contact him. 
            The All-Star game for 2013 was also discussed.  It will again be held at Sporting KC Stadium.  Only 8th graders can be nominated and the total number would be limited to 50 players.  The selection criteria will be sent out in the near future. The number of players nominated to play in the All-Star game will be based on a team’s ranking.  Every team will get at least one player. 
II.  SMA Contracted Services
Janos Glynn then presented to the Board the specifics with the regard to the SMA contracted services.  Janos advised the Board that the relationship with the SMA was being expanded as there are simply not enough volunteers to take on the responsibilities due to the growth of the league.  Janos indicated that this is a work in progress and he asked that any feedback or comments be directed to him.  He discussed that SMA would be taking on marketing for the league which may take a year to see any results, but he is hopeful it will take KCYLL to a new level. 
            Brett Hunter then introduced himself to the group as the SMA liaison.  He explained SMA’s history and role.  They are a management company that provides assistance to non-profit sports organizations.  They have been in business for 19 years and have provided their services to many sports non-profits in the metropolitan area including GABL and the Cheerleading and Football League of Johnson County. 
            Jack then reviewed with the Board the responsibilities of SMA which include maintaining equipment, bringing the equipment to the fields, producing and distributing the rating cards and set up and breakdown of the fields.  SMA will also provide field managers for U11 and 5th grade and bench officials for grades 6th through 8th.  They will also perform field acquisition.  Brett indicated he was getting together with Debbie Ward later in the week to collect equipment.  Jack asked that any remaining programs that have not returned their equipment please to do so. 
III.  Election of Treasurer
            Because Janos Glynn was elected to the position of First Vice President and cannot under the KCYLA Constitution hold more than one office, the Treasurer position is open.  Janos Glynn gave a description of the job.  Marty Dakan then nominated Gary Smith with Brookside.  Janos Glynn then nominated Mike McKenna with Leawood.  Jack then asked both parties to tell a little about themselves.  Gary Smith indicated that he was really “here to listen”, and asked that his nomination be withdrawn.  A motion was made to approve Mike McKenna as Treasurer and he was elected to fill the position.  Jack asked that Janos and Mike orchestrate the transfer and indicated that future bills could go directly to the treasurer.  Brett Hunter indicated that SMA would do so, but would copy Jack. 
IV.  New Business
            New Business was opened by Janos Glynn with the topic of the age level divisions and the confusion caused by the interchanging of terminology.  Janos proposed that since KCYLL was phasing in the US Lacrosse recommended age level divisions this year for the grades second  through fourth that they be referred to with the “U” terminology as opposed to the grade level.  This led to a lengthy discussion regarding the reasoning and the process for KCYLL converting to the US Lacrosse recommended age level divisions.  Jack indicated that the parents of a player could submit a formal waiver for the player to play in a different division than that encompassed by the US Lacrosse age level divisions, and that the Executive Committee would be generous in granting those waivers.  They would, however, need to be mindful of the rule that no team have a 24 month gap between the birthdates of players.  Jack indicated that he believed the deadline for submitting the formal waivers was March 1, 2013.  Jack then indicated that that the U9 and U11 terminology would be used as opposed to the grade level references.  There was also a discussion of dividing teams equally and not “stacking teams”.  Jack indicated that he would send an e-mail to the programs stressing the directive that the teams be divided equally.  It was the consensus of the Board that the U system teams would be organized by age and not by grade levels, and that by-law provisions requiring balanced teams prohibiting “stacking” teams, as set forth below will apply.
B. 2.  As used in these by-laws, the term “balanced” means equivalent in skill and ability to the extent possible, and is specifically intended to prevent a program from assigning most or all of the better players to one team.  A comparison of the won/loss records of same grade competitive teams will be one indicator of a program’s compliance with the balance rule.  A program found to have violated the balanced team rule will be subject to sanctions by the Rules and Discipline Committee, including excluding the offending teams from participation in the post-season tournament.
The next topic of new business was the budget.  Jack proposed the 2013 budget ($71,400) and fee structure and explained the basis for his calculations and projections which essentially is a 20% increase in base fees.  The fees proposed, by team, was: 2nd grade $200 to $240 per team, 3rd-4th $600 to $720, 5th $950 to $1100, 6th $950 to $1140, 7th $950 to $1140 and 8th $950 to $1200.  Janos Glynn proposed a 25% increase in the budget as he was concerned that without a rainout as in years past the league would not have enough money for the season.  A discussion was again held regarding the fee increase for 5th graders not being equitable since they are moving from turf to grass.  Mike McKenna proposed that the U11 team fee be increased by an additional $100.00 and that the 5th grade team be reduced by $100.00.  This led to further discussion of how this would impact specific programs and potential thoughts regarding fundraising.  The consensus was that any fundraising would be left to the respective club.  Rich Hunter did indicate that the marketing plan of SMA would include corporate sponsorships, special events and promotions geared to generate additional revenue, and he was hopeful that within the next year results would be seen.  Marty Dakan then made a motion that the proposed 2013 budget be approved, Ken Bean seconded, a vote was held and the 2013 budget was approved.  Janos Glynn then made a motion that the proposed 2013 fee structure be approved, Rod Nofziger seconded, a vote was held and the 2013 fee structure was approved.  Janos Glynn advised that the Executive Committee would be closely watching expenses carefully.
V.  Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
/s/ Leah Burkhead
Leah Burkhead, Secretary