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KCYLL Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.  Those in attendance included:
Chris Baranczuk – Mill Valley                               AJ Hembree – Ray Pec
Michelle Chrisman – Lee’s Summit                      Debbie Ward – Prairie Village
Mike McKenna – Leawood                                   Maria Fiscella – Mill Valley
Bill Esrey – Pembroke Hill                                                Greg Goss – Brookside
Tracey Dujakovich – Olathe                                 Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s
Jon Birkel – Prairie Village                                               Jack Yates – President
Marty Dakan – Secretary, Brookside
  1. Approval of Minutes
A motion to approve the minutes from the September 26, 2012 meeting was made by Mike
            McKenna, seconded by Greg Goss.  All voted to approve the minutes as written.
  1. Report of the President
Jack had interviewed SMA and discussed additional services which the League would be interested in utilizing in the coming season.  He has yet to hear back as to cost.  Another group, the “officials,” is also interested in providing additional services, including lining and setting up fields, breaking down) and has also given a proposal on scheduling, the procurement of 3rd party sponsors, sports safety, medical support and baseline screening, as well as providing a trainer experienced in first aid.
Jack advised that he would be asking the Board to give the Executive Committee the authority to evaluate proposals submitted for administrative assistance (field managers, field preparation, etc.) and to negotiate and enter into contracts with these entities. 
The League will need to do some juggling this year with regards to fields.  Games will only be allowed on Kroh Field as long as a Pembroke Hill team is playing and it is very likely (but not certain) that Lee’s Summit will not allow lacrosse games to be played on their turf fields.
Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches certification will be offered in January and for 2013 it is highly recommended that at least the head coach of each team be Level 1 certified.  Jay Coleman, President of Great Plains Lacrosse, was able to secure a $3,000 grant from US Lacrosse to defray costs.  Level 1 certification will be offered on January 19, Level 2 on Sunday, at the Pembroke Upper School.  Specific details will be forwarded and posted on the KCYLL website.
  1. Election of Officers
The terms of both the Vice President as well as the Secretary have come up for election this year.  Jack
solicited nominations from the Board after the last meeting. 
The following were nominated for the office of Vice President:  Mike McKenna, Bill Jackoboice, Bill Esrey.  Mark Wood’s name was also mentioned as a possible nominee, but no contact had been made as to his possible interest in the position and he is currently not affiliated with a KCYLL program.
Expectations for the office include:
  • Act as liaison to Dick’s Sporting Goods (a critical responsibility),
  • Development, scheduling and running of Jamboree (opportunity for new officials to be trained),
  • Assist the President with the year-end Championship Tournament (including procurement of fields, scheduling, trophies),
  • Assist the President with the 8th Grade All-Star Game, including the selection process, identification and contacting of coaches for the game, acquiring pinnies for the game, as well as coordinate with LAKC on the scheduling and scheduling of officials for the game.
Mike, Bill and Bill were excused from the room and discussion (Mark was not present).  The Board entertained the option of 2 Vice Presidents, who would share a division of responsibilities.  As this option is not included in the By-Laws, a motion was made by Greg, seconded by Jon, to defer election of the Vice President in order to amend the By-Laws to include a second Vice President, which requires 3 weeks previous notice.  All approved and the motion passed.
            Marty nominated Lea Burkhead as Secretary to the Board.  She is new to the Board, but has two sons who play.  Expectations for the office include:
  • Taking of minutes at all Board meetings,
  • Securing of insurance for all fields, related parties to lacrosse season
Marty made a motion to approve Lea as Secretary, Mike seconded, and she was elected to fill this position effective with the next meeting of the Board.
  1. US Lacrosse Gold Stick Standards of Excellence
Jack welcomed Jay Coleman, President of Great Plains Chapter of US Lacrosse, to the meeting.  Jay recently attended the national President’s Meeting for US Lacrosse where the new Gold Stick Standards were outlined.
A series of Best Practices, which include League Administration, Safety and Risk Management, Player Safety and Sportsmanship, Screening, Training, and Certified Coaches, Trained and Certified Officials and Membership, were briefly addressed.  The Practices are anticipated to be rolled out nationally in the summer of 2013, after the next lacrosse season.  The new structure included a revision of divisions, from a grade-based delineation to an age-based one.
In the past, funds from US Lacrosse were distributed equally.  After this season, the distribution of funds will be linked to the progress clubs make in bringing their programs in line with these new US Lacrosse guidelines.  This will benefit programs (such as ours) west of the Mississippi River, giving them the resources to bring their programs more in line with the well established programs on the East Coast.  The more the programs conform, the more funds are available for training of coaches and officials clinics.  Our program, with its 20% growth the past few years, would benefit greatly.  Lack of conformity with the Gold Stick Standards could result in a more difficult time securing reasonably priced insurance.
  1. Review and Action on Long Range Planning Committee’s Recommendations
The Long Range Planning Committee presented a proposal to the Board which covered 4 topics.
  1. Moving 5th Grade play to grass fields with scaled down dimensions.
This recommendation will make play more manageable for the younger players as well as save the League in costs of more expensive turf fields.  This will also aid the referees in following the rules of the various age divisions.  The only downside would be a greater potential for rainouts, but as these were minimal (mainly due to lightning last season), it was not considered a problem.
Debbie made a motion to adopt the new 5th grade field change, Bill E. seconded, all approved.
Jon B. offered his assistance in ensuring consistent field size.
  1. Changing or abandoning the Championship Tournament
There were difficulties last year in the scheduling of the 8th grade tournament around graduations.  It was agreed that no accommodations can be made for high school/college graduations, but a questionnaire needs to be circulated around the clubs prior to the beginning of the season (and the creation of the game schedules) asking for graduation date conflicts.  It was also mentioned that 6th grade graduations in the Kansas elementary schools could present some problems.
The motion to accept option 2.a. of keeping the current schedule and accommodating graduations to the extent possible was made by Bill E., seconded by Mike.  A vote was taken with 11 votes for accepting the option, 2 against.  The motion passed. 
  1. Grade Level and/or Age Level Divisions
The Board had a lengthy discussion over the issue of retaining our current grade level divisions or converting to the US Lacrosse recommended age level divisions.  Despite the strong feelings for retaining the current structure, it was recognized that lack of conformity would result in a loss of financial contributions from US Lacrosse. 
It would be difficult to conform to new age divisions immediately, and the League will phase in the changes over the next few years, beginning with a change from a 2nd thru 4th grade division to a U11 division for the 2013 season.  Each season a new grade division will be converted to an age division, resulting in full integration of the new divisions by 2016.  The Board recognizes the need to allow for exceptions to the rules, most due to size of players and amount of playing experience, and will allow the Executive Committee to review and make determinations as to exceptions. 
The motion to accept this recommendation was made by Bill E., seconded by Jon B. 
A vote was taken with 10 votes for accepting the option, 3 against.  The motion passed.
Jack Yates will work with the Rules and Discipline Committee to revise the current bylaws to reflect these changes.
  1. A/B Levels within Divisions
A recommendation was made by the Rules Committee to maintain our current structure of a single level within each division.  Much discussion amongst the Board involved the pros and cons of both an “A” level division (for those clubs with more experience) and a “B” level division (for those clubs just getting started).  It was agreed that the League leave the structure as it is for now, including the option for a developmental division of 7-8th teams, provided that four such teams were organized prior to the coming season.
  1. New Business
With the departure of Pierre Barbeau from the Rules Committee, it is looking for a new Chairman.  If a member of the Board is interested in stepping into the role as Chairman, please contact Jack Yates.
Jack asked the Board to approve the Executive Committee’s ability to enter into negotiations with one of the two field management organizations so that they can begin the process of securing fields, etc. prior to the Board’s next meeting in January.  Debbie made a motion to approve, Greg seconded.  All voted in favor.
The Meeting was adjourned at 9pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan