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KCYLL Board Meeting
Thursday, January 19, 2012
I.The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm at Moblico.
In attendance:
Tracy Dujakovich (Olathe)                             Michael Ryan (Northland)
Mark Hood (Northland)                                   Jon Birkel (Prairie Village)
Greg Goss (Brookside)                                   Jack Yates (President, Pembroke Hill)
Hunter Anderson (Prairie Village)                   Heather Hertzler (Lee’s Summit)
Eric Koford (Lee’s Summit)                            Mitch Castor (Brookside)
Mike McKenna (Leawood)                             Randy Kurt (St. Paul’s)
Pierre Barbeau (Leawood)                             Ken Bean (Northland)
Terry Barnum (Blue Valley)                            Marty Dakan (Brookside, Secretary)
II. The Minutes from the December 15, 2011 Meeting were approved as written (Greg motioning, Heather seconding, unanimous approval).
III.   President’s Report
  1.  Field Managers
Debbie and Jack met with SMA Sports to negotiate their responsibilities and fees as field managers for 5th – 8th grade games for the 2012 season.  A fee of $15.50/hour was settled upon, and the managers will be have the cones, balls, clocks, 3-part score sheets and grading cards (for coaches, parents and officials) available at the respective fields at the beginning of each game day.  They will not set up the fields, so the responsibility to set up cones and goals will fall upon the first teams to play that day.   After the games, a score sheet will be given to each team and a copy will be given to Jack Yates along with the grading cards (for coaches, parents).  John Dehan will receive the grading cards for the officials.  Positive reviews of officials could translate into increased compensation and the opportunity to officiate at the All-Star Game and tournament games.
The score sheets will require the signature of both officials, the score keeper and timer to verify the final score of the game.  There will be scorekeeper training on February 26 for high school book keeping at the Jewish Community Center and clubs are encouraged to have potential scorekeepers attend to learn how to keep score.  Details to follow from Eric Koford.
There will also be training on running the game clock on March 18 at the Official’s/Field Manager scrimmages at Rockhurst University. 
Penalties will be assessed for those clubs who do not have a scorekeeper and/or timer ready at the beginning of each game.
  1.  Coaching Clinics and Parent Sessions
Enrollment for the Clinics this weekend, January 21st and 22nd, have been low thus far, but that could be the result of issues with registration on the computer.  January 21 (held at St. Paul’s on Main Street) will cover Level 1 training, and January 22 (held at Pembroke Hill Upper School on State Line Road) will cover Level 2 training.  An Open House / Parent’s Session will be held at St. Paul’s on Saturday afternoon and Pembroke Hill on Sunday afternoon from 1-4pm to educate parents on the game.  Jack and Mike Lettera will be on hand to answer questions and a 30-minute video on various calls and penalties will be shown throughout the afternoon.  Cones and a goal will be used to demonstrate some of the issues often misunderstood by parents.
  1. Mandatory KCYLL Coaches Meeting, February 11
A mandatory coaches meeting for all KCYLL coaches will be held Saturday, February 11, from 9am-12pm at the Pembroke Hill Lower School cafeteria (51st and Wornall Rd.).  It was stressed that all coaches must attend in order to sign off on forms prior to coaching this season.  Jeff Radel, Phd. Neurological Sciences at KU Med Center and a lacrosse parent, will be speaking to the issue of head trauma in sports.  He will be addressing the issues of how to detect head trauma and how to intervene to prevent it from occurring.
As an incentive to attending the meeting, Dick’s Sporting Goods will be giving away “swag.”
Brookside Badgers Lacrosse Club will be utilizing Impact Testing beginning this year for all players in grades 5-8.  The website is http://impacttest.com/.  The fee, $350, will provide 75 baseline tests and 10 post-trauma tests.  This program has been implemented for all sports programs at Rockhurst High School this year.
Officials have also been trained to look for warning signals as to trauma, but it will be up to the coaches to determine whether to pull the player from the game.
The Meeting will also cover the rules changes for the 2012 season, most suggested by US Lacrosse.
  1. Officials/Field Manager Scrimmages, March 18
Field Manager training will be held on March 18 from 9am-5pm at Rockhurst University.  Classroom training will be held from 10am-12pm and scrimmages will be played from 1-5pm.  This will provide an opportunity for both the field managers as well as new officials to get game experience prior to the official beginning of the season.  KCYLL is looking for 5-6 teams from grades 5-8 to participate, and would like a balance of different grades in order to get the feel for the different levels of play.  Please let Jack know which of your teams are interested in participating.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
In Janos’ absence, Jack reported that KCYLL has a balance of $9,231.03 in their account.  An expense related to a lunch with the Executive Committee and the travel clubs was the only expense for the month.
Mike and Debbie have been using the $50 gift cards from Dick’s to purchase balls and other field equipment for the coming season.
  1. Old Business
“A/B” Issue
A proposed addition to the By-Laws to create an “A” and a “B” division for 7-8th grade had been circulated prior to the meeting.  The proposal would allow players from 7th and 8th grade who have one year or less experience in lacrosse the opportunity to learn to play in a less competitive environment.  It was felt that as boys begin to play lacrosse at younger ages than ever before, it would be beneficial to those older boys not yet exposed to playing the sport to have the opportunity to learn.  This would be helpful not only to new players but also to newer clubs in the League.  It could be possible that a combined team from several different clubs could be formed if there are not enough new players from a single club, but it would require some coordination. 
All in attendance agreed that the purpose of the KCYLL organization is to foster the sport of lacrosse in the Kansas City area and encourage more players to pick up the sport, rather than to promote a more competitive environment. 
The motion is as follows:
B.1.a.   Grade 7/8 Developmental Division.  This division is for the benefit of Programs that have new or limited experience Grade7 and 8 players, defined as those players with one year or less lacrosse experience, who the coaches believe would benefit from a year’s participation with a developmental team or teams.  A Program with a sufficient number of players to form a 7/8 developmental team may do so and register as such.  Those Programs that do not have sufficient players to field a developmental team may combine such players with other Programs in one or more developmental teams and register them as such. Players registered on developmental teams will be limited during the season to play on the developmental team for which they are registered.  Newer Programs with a majority of new players in Grades 7 and 8 may request the Executive Committee for permission to participate in the Developmental Division.  Similarly, established Programs with a small number of players, the majority of which are not experienced may also request the Executive Committee for permission to participate in the Developmental Division.  Consistent with KCYLL balanced team rules, Programs fielding more than one team in the Developmental Division must, through draft or similar means, ensure that the athletic talent is evenly distributed between or among the teams. 
            Heather made the motion to accept the By-Laws amendment.  Pierre seconded.  With one dissenter, the motion passed.
An addendum to the new By-Laws was proposed to include that “There must be at least 4 teams participating in the new 7-8th grade division in order for the division to be implemented for the 2012 season.”  The deadline for registering these new players will be extended until March 1st.  Heather proposed the addendum, Pierre seconded.  All voted in favor of the addendum being included in the new By-Law.
Some discussion centered on what to name this division, and it was suggested that the name “Fast Track” be used instead of “Developmental” to identify this new division.
  1. New Business
Pierre B. asked if others had experienced difficulty in making background checks on their clubs’ coaches.  It was suggested that the local police department could assist, and that a background check is included in the Level I training that is being offered this Saturday.
Greg Goss asked for a rough guesstimate from each club as to how many teams at each grade level they were expecting to field. 
A reminder was given as to the need to communicate to the various clubs’ coaches as to the importance of attending the Coaches Meeting on February 11th.  Forms, new formats and rules will be discussed.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan