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Kansas City Youth Lacrosse League
Board Meeting
Thursday, June 16, 2011
Members in attendance:
Mike Lettera – Northland, President                                       Jack Yates – Pembroke
Hunter Anderson, Vice President                                           Greg Goss – Brookside
Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s                                                          Michael Powers – Northland
Karen Linville – Prairie Village                                                Debbie Ward – Prairie Village
Rob McCarthy – Olathe                                                         Heather Hertzler – Lee’s Summit
Marty Dakan – Brookside, Secretary
(Note:  there were no members present to represent either Blue Valley or Leawood Clubs)
The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm.
President’s Report
Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Mike reported that we have $2,000 in gift certificates, in $50 increments, given to us by Dick’s Sporting Goods several weeks ago.  The certificates will be good through the end of the year.  Discussion as to how the money should be spent yielded no firm plans, except that the funds will remain with the league as opposed to distributing to each of the clubs.  Heather moved that the board members create a list of priorities for the October meeting and decisions will be made at that time.  Jack Y. seconded, and the motion passed.
The possibility of growing “Shop Days” at Dick’s was also discussed, with the hopes that it could be expanded to multiple days and multiple locations.  It was very successful this year, both in terms of audience reached as well as merchandise sold.
Call the Game.  The organization has had their post-season wrap-up meeting internally, and representatives from the KCYLL will meet with them at a later date to cover points.  No discussion as to what issues might need attention for next year.
Great Plains Strategic Plan Update.  Mike and Hunter will meet with the new contact at Dick’s, Eric Marshall, who is replacing Billy Burkhalter.  A point of discussion will be a higher level of sponsorship.  Mike feels there is a need to train more officials and coaches, and that it would be a great investment for the league.  He took this idea to the Great Plains board meeting with the idea of building a “continuing education” program, with multiple sessions for officials, coaches and even parents.  Possible additional corporate sponsors could be brought in, dependent on the scope of the program.  US Lacrosse is very interested, and will work with GP (and Mike/KCYLL) to bring this concept forward.  By providing education at all levels, it will raise the profile of KCYLL.
Officer Succession Plan.  Janos Glynn, Treasurer, and Mike Lettera, President, are at the end of their 2-year term.  Janos has offered to continue with another term unless someone steps up for the position.
Mike’s position as President needs to be filled by the end of July.  The league is looking for volunteers to step forward, preferably from within the Board if possible, although non-Board members will be considered.  Mike is happy to discuss the position with any interested parties, and will continue to attend meetings when able.  Hunter will act as interim president until an appointment is made. 
Rules for choosing new President:  The President must come from within the Board, unless a strong volunteer candidate surfaces.  All Board members are asked to look within their programs for possible candidates.  The ideal candidate must have strong leadership skills, the ability to manage people, as well as plan strategically.  Mike has a power point presentation detailing what he’d learned during his tenure which he would be happy to share with interested parties. 
Interested candidates need to share how they think they can move the KCYLL program forward strategically, not just the day-to-day management of the organization.  The position is not limited to volunteers who do not travel for their jobs (as exhibited by Mike’s performance!).  The Board typically meets 4 times a year, with meetings scheduled at the discretion of the President.
Treasurer’s Report.  In Janos’ absence, Mike presented the final report.  The League collected approximately $41,620 in dues during the 2010-11 season after beginning the year with a balance of $4,216, plus the $3,000 donation from Dick’s Sporting Goods.
Janos and Mike’s budget plan worked well, with the actual expenditures very comparable to the budgeted revenues and expenses.  After the last of the bills are paid, the League should have a reserve balance of $10,523 (budget estimate was $6,000-$7,000), and the Board will be charged to determine how the excess funds will be spent.
Post Season Review.  There was a great deal of change during the year between major by-laws changes and the movement of 5th through 8th grade teams from grass to turf fields.  There are a number of issues that could be discussed over the next few board meetings listed below:
6th grade separated from 5th grade moved to 5 yard body contact from the 1 step rule in 2010. Reported increase in concussions at this grade level. Do we revert back to 1 step?  Do we need stricter guidelines for officials?  Tabled for future discussion
Can we assume the equipment is part of the problem?  How much does coaching impact the hitting?
A coach suggested weight limits, like in youth football?  These points prompted by 4 reported concussions this year.  Concussions either from head to head or head to ground – issue needs attention prior to next year’s season
Home & away jerseys? Not mandatory today but should it be?  Not too many issues this year.  Pennies might be one way to solve same color jerseys for home/away.  Numbers on fronts of jerseys strongly suggested.
Several issues fell under the “to be determined” new position of Field Supervisor/Divisional Coordinator, who would be present at a specific field each week during the season and settle issues such as:
·         Player ejection record keeping, do we need a better means to keep track? If a player is ejected is he suspended for a game or as stated in by laws, a recurrence of ejection causes suspension?  Any check to an opposing player called to be ‘dangerous”, should that player be suspended for one game? Tabled
·         We have no clause on coach ejections; automatic one game suspension? 2 suspensions and out for season?? Tabled
·         Stricter Home Team adherence to by law requirements, clock, time keeper, balls on end line.
      Stricter Away Team adherence to by law requirements, score book and score book keeper (score & penalties) Tabled – a suggestion made to move to triplicate scoresheets at each location (one sheet to each team, 3rd to be kept on site/with board)
·         We need work in this area on all grades starting with 3&4’s.  OR    New ideas to manage scorer’s table??
·         How we manage the field locations work? What needs to change?  Committees or Program Assignments to set up and break down?  Tabled
·         Do we pay as we did at Olathe East and South HS. Cost included in budget
·         Talking point for Rock Univ:  No spectators on “Team” side of field – must leave area behind benches free of parents/spectators
Mandatory for all KCYLL coaches to take a PCA on line course, move from recommendation to requirement?  Refer to GP Continuing Education initiative.  Push to require 1st year coaches to pass course prior to taking field.
Do we need to have more clarity in the bylaws when a team has to use a player from another team.
What constitutes a forfeit and is it different for each situation based on the opposing coach?  Should it be different or is it a hard fast rule? Table
Incident Report process; refined and discipline committee established? Presently, all reports go to President with supporting opinion provided by KCYLL key executives (VP, Treasurer, and Secretary) Table
Roster exchange enforcement, how do we get full cooperation from all programs?  Table – should penalty be assessed if don’t cooperate (3 minute nonreleasable?) 
By Law and Constitution Overview to clean up any changes or discrepancies. Suggest a committee to review documents make changes and report back to board. Table
Stricter/Consistent adherence for programs independent board structure which represents its program at KCYLL meetings **Suggestion that Parent Board be in place for each club – at least 2-3 volunteers (not just coaches)
In season Travel Team play – do we want to manage or limit travel team play during our spring season or just let this play out and let programs handle the roster and schedule disruption??
Also:  Do we move to “A” and “B” divisions in 7th-8th grades?  Could use Training Day weekend as “placement” games to determine teams in each division?
Do we have the confidence in our contacts to secure the same locations? If we grow another 35% we will hit 70 teams, 35 games a weekend.  Do we need more locations? Should Lees Summit fields if available be the next added regular season location?
Do we need to expand our game days to Friday night and/or Saturday to ease the field needs on Sunday?
Change our season start and season finish dates? (last weekend in March & weekend before Memorial Day)
CALL THE GAME – OFFICIATING:  All issues here tabled
Do we contribute to train officials? Table
Do we require an officials ranking/grading system so we know who we have officiating? Yes – force issue
Should the Training Game Day be expanded and ideas to improve? Yes
What do we like and not like about our present relationship with Call the Game?  Proposed changes?
Fee increase probability?  yes
Better use of committees to oversee the leagues business? (Discipline, Scheduling, Fields, Website, etc)
Do we consider turning over the league’s business to a 3rd party?Table
Assignment driven (by program) versus committee (by volunteers from all programs) driven?  Table under Committees – need to assign board members to issue or committee for year
Do more to train coaches?  Partner with Dicks & US Lacrosse to provide training as part of our sponsorship?
Coaches meeting importance and how best to utilize that time? Should it be a Sat. afternoon and evening?
Should it be interactive with the Officials in a workshop setting?  See Great Plains Education initiative
Scheduling tools – do we purchase updated software? Need to buy
Does the KCYLL expand its effort by adding a fall season (post labor day to Halloween)
What new programs are potentially out there; JCP&R, Blue Springs, Shawnee Mission South??
KCYLL survey toward year end or wait till 2012 season end? Tweak last year’s survey
It will most likely require two meetings to discuss all the issues listed above.  The first meeting will be called some time in August.
The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan, Secretary