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Thursday, December 16, 2010
In Attendance:
Eric Koford                                                                          Heather Hertzler
Kent Reese                                                                         Debbie Ward
Joe Vasta                                                                             Rob Worrell
Jeremiah Ryden                                                                               Dusty Kilgore
Karen Linville                                                                     Jim McEnerney
Tracy Dujakovich                                                              Hunter Anderson
Marty Dakan                                                                      Mike Lettera
The Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.
Girl’s Program Overview and Younger Grades 3-4 Update
Joe Vasta spoke to the growth of the girl’s league.  They expect 8 returning teams in 5ththrough 8th grades with at least 2 new teams from Northland and Lee’s Summit.  If there are additional programs, please let him know.  The girls’ games will be played from 12-5pm on Sundays, and there is conversation of scheduling games with teams from Columbia, Wichita and Edmond, Ok.  If the new Olathe Sports Complex is available, there will be room for expansion.
After discussion about teams for girls in grades 2-4, it was decided that individual clubs can practice and scrimmage on an informal basis at this time.  Clubs interested in younger teams include: Pembroke, Leawood, St. Paul’s, Brookside, Blue Valley and Prairie Village, with Northland and Lee’s Summit joining the group this year.
Greg will work to incorporate the girls’ teams into the website, provided it can handle the additional traffic.
There was discussion as to how and what to charge, and a fee of $600 per team was decided.  This includes all expenses relating to games played.  Play will begin the 2ndSunday after Spring Break and will run for 6 weeks (taking Easter Sunday off) then the 7thweek a “Final 4” tournament will be played to determine League Champion.  (There will be a separate fee for this tournament).
Please send an e-mail to Joe about your interest and the registration deadline will be the week before Spring Break.  E-mails will be sent to each Club, with information regarding deadlines, budgets, etc.
Johnson County Park and Recreation
Dusty Kilgore and Chris Kurtz, representatives from Jo Co Park & Rec., came to discuss reentering the KCYLL League this year.  The program had been a part of the league since 2005, but did not participate last year because were unable to find a coach.  Discussion was had as to what their boundaries would be, and they hope to focus on the area served by Shawnee Mission South, West, Northwest and North. Concerns were expressed about conflicting with the established Olathe, Prairie Village and Leawood programs.  The idea is to provide a playing environment that would feed into the high schools within its boundaries.
Zip codes for each of these teams would be included in the website during registration, and players would be rerouted to the appropriate team if necessary (players already on other teams would be grandfathered).  The Johnson Co. Park and Rec. organization will manage the program, with parents and coaches represented on their board.  Fee structure will be consistent with other programs within the league.
A motion was made by Rob Worrell to accept the Johnson County Park and Recreation program into the KCYLL.  Debbie Ward seconded.  A stipulation was made that they must follow the structured KCYLL guidelines and that an option to swap players between teams will be available if necessary to even out team rosters.  The Board voted unanimously to incorporate the group into KCYLL.
Budget Review
In Janos’ absence, Mike presented the budget.  Based on teams from 5ththrough 8thgrade playing on turf fields over an 8-week period, along with the expansion of teams from Lee’s Summit, projections were made as to increased costs.  Grades 2-4 will continue to play on grass fields on Saturdays.  Issues to consider include the number of fields required (either 3 or 4 based on the final number of teams), whether KCYLL will be charged in event of inclement weather, and which field to drop if not needed.  These issues will be discussed at a separate meeting.
A recommendation was made to have a pro-rated fee structure based on grades:
                2ndGrade -- $300 fee (smaller field, 1 referee)
                3rd– 4thGrades -- $600 fee (up from $425, with 2 referees)
                5th– 8thGrades -- $950 fee (up from $525, games all played on turf fields)
*The increased cost breaks down to an additional $30 per player.  In a year-end survey of parents, 71-72% of respondents said they would be willing to pay an additional $20-40 to be able to play on turf.
*The fees are based on 20 players per team, with a minimum of 15 players.
Discussion was had as to whether to move 5thgrade teams to grass fields in order to lower costs.  It was agreed that they should play on turf like the older teams. 
Communication to parents is important this year in relaying that the additional cost is related to the switch to all turf fields.  If there are extra funds available at the end of the season, that money could be used to make the season-ending tournament better and perhaps begin a scholarship fund.
Bob Worrell motioned that we approve the budget as presented.  Eric Koford seconded.  The board approved unanimously.
Greg Goss discussed the registration web site.  If you do not use the website for registration, you are to use the spread sheet from the website in recording player information.
Website users for 2011:  Prairie Village, Blue Valley, Brookside, Leawood
Paper:  Northland
Undecided:  Lee’s Summit
Parent’s Seminar
Mike met with Rob McCarthy about a 20-minute seminar about the game and Mike will put together a presentation on a disc that will be available to clubs if so choose.  Each club will decide if they want a parent meeting/seminar.  When Mike completes the presentation, he will reach out to the board for review and feedback.
The meeting adjourned at 8:03pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan (*with the able assistance of Debbie Ward)