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Monday, November 15, 2010
In attendance:
Ken Bean                                                                                             Janos Glynn
Debbie Ward                                                                                     Bill Esrey            
Hunter Anderson                                                                             Eric Koford
Kent Reese                                                                                         Randy Kurt
Dan Hapke                                                                                          Greg Goss
Rob McCarthy                                                                                    Karen Linville
Penny Vasta                                                                                       Marty Dakan
Jim McEnerney                                                                                 Justin Wetterer
The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm. 
A motion to approve the minutes for the previous meeting was made by G. Goss and seconded by D. Hapke. 
By-Law Review
Greg Goss presented the Revisions to the By-laws, which were reviewed and discussed.  D. Ward made a motion to approve the By-laws as amended and K. Bean seconded.  The revisions were approved unanimously. 
There are several issues pertaining to the by-laws or rules of the game that will be discussed and possibly revised as the next season begins:
  • Length of Game.  The importance of keeping the games running on time was discussed, especially in light of the cost of the turf fields this year.  The issue will be revisited when the number of teams and fields secured for play has been determined in the early spring.
  • Who has access to the website?  In an effort to get sufficient information regarding players and teams yet respecting privacy of players, decisions will need to be made regarding who has what access to information.
Other discussion not necessarily pertaining to the By-laws concerned advancement of the ball and pocket checks for the 8th grade team.
Field Safety and Risk Management Update
Debbie Ward discussed the need to create a set of policies and procedures for the fields of play.  When developed, they would be laminated and given to each coach to be consulted in the event of an emergency.  These policies and procedures could extend to both game fields as well as practice fields.  Guidelines being consulted include those of our insurance program administrator Bollinger Insurance. 
It was recommended that KCYLL purchase board liability insurance to protect its board members prior to the beginning of the next season.  It was also recommended that KCYLA look into establishing 501(c)(3) status.  These issues will be followed up for the next meeting.
Field Location Update:
Debbie Ward made contact with the A.D. from the Olathe School District and they have offered the use of the Olathe East field.  The usage fee is $112/hour, with the option of 7 hours of use on Sundays (noon-7pm).  The fee includes use of field, supervisor and restrooms.
The board sees that there will be a need for 4 fields, strategically placed around the metropolitan area, with the option of 5-6 hours of use at each to accommodate play of 3rd-4th through 8th grades (second graders will continue to play on smaller grass fields).  The fields that have been secured thus far are:
* Shawnee Mission East ($125/hour)
* Rockhurst University
* Northland (Winnetonka High School?)
We will also look into the possibility of games played in Lee’s Summit one or two weekends during the season.  The strategy here is to give access to the sport in a growing area. 
Note:  We need to be looking forward to the planning of the year-end tournament.
Olathe Sports Complex
Justin Wetterer, Great Plains Lacrosse, presented a proposal from the Olathe Sports Complex, which is in the process of being developed just south of K-10.  There will be approximately 12 turf fields, with a clubhouse for meetings and classrooms.  The developing group would like some sort of a commitment from our group as well as other area lacrosse organizations.  Terms were outlined (not yet set in stone) for field usage for both games and tournaments.  A decision will need to be made by KCYLA as to whether to strategically place games in fields throughout the metro or whether it would be more beneficial to locate all the games in a central location.  Brief discussion of both pros and cons of each option was had. Members felt there might be an option to hold our 2012 tournament there and also to possibly use it as a 5th field during the season, but no firm commitments were made at this time.  Justin will keep us apprised of the developments.
Girl’s Lacrosse Update
The girl’s program currently offers instruction and team play for grades 5-8.  Discussion was had as to whether to expand the program to offer play to younger grades.  Pennie felt that she would need some assistance in growing the program outside of what they’re currently offering.  There will be a follow-up meeting with Mike, Janos, Hunter and Pennie to discuss options.
Frustration was expressed as to the lack of follow-through by Dick’s after their lacrosse promotion day (i.e., no donations to KCYLL).  There are some other options for sponsorships which are being looked into, including a meeting with Eric and a Dick’s representative in the coming week.  Suggestions were made to expand the promotion day this coming year to include both the Zona Rosa as well as 119th Street locations, possibly extend it from 1 to 2 days to accommodate shoppers, with Dick’s donating a portion of the sales’ proceeds from the event. 
Future issues to address include:
  •  courting more than one sponsorship (either retail or for-profit club team)
  • What will be promised in exchange
  • What to do with the proceeds (suggestion of sponsoring year-end tournament was made
Lee Company recognized Mike as a “Volunteer of the Year” with a $1,000 Donation, which will be donated to KCYLL through Great Plains Lacrosse.  Way to go Mike!  The board will need to decide how to spend the donation.
The Cross and Lacrosse Girl’s Lacrosse Clinic will be held December 3, 2010 at the Kansas City Sportsclub in Leawood.  The clinic is being presented by Roanoke College and is open to both youth and high school players for a cost of $45.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan, Secretary