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KCYLL Meeting
August 26, 2010
In Attendance:                                                                 

Greg Goss
Janos Glenn
Holly Milledge                                  
Mike Lettera 
Rob Worrell
Karen Linville
Eric Koford
Rob McCarthy
Pierre Barbeau
Chris Carter
Randy Kurt

The meeting was called to order. Minutes approved from June 3rd meeting, Agenda adopted.
Nominations for VP and Secretary:
Three people have come forward interested in VP. According to our Constitution open officer positions must be filled by current board members. Bill Esrey, hunter Anderson and Mike Slagel were all nominated. However, Hunter Anderson is the only current board member.  We are all comfortable with our constitution and therefore proceed to vote.   Eric motioned, Pierre 2ndand we voted to sustain the constitution. Pierre motioned to take a vote, Goss 2nd, motioned passed and all were in favor of Hunter Anderson becoming VP.
However, we are no situation to turn away Bill Esrey and Mike Slagel. Mike will contact them and ask them to be on our board as a committee chair.
Marty Dakan was voted as the new Secretary.
we went over the survey results. Sent under separate cover.
Janos reported on our budget. We have $3000 left.  We were left in with this because all games were not played. We had several rain outs.
Our unexpected costs were OP soccer complex, Rockhurst turf field, maintenance fee at Mill Creek.
Our goal was to have $5000 left.
Costs to run the league last season were approx. $17,739.14. Our initial budget was $13,328.00
We will need to pad some areas next year.
Each year we will see an improvement in officials. John Dehan working with his officials in the off season. March 6 will be Call the Game training, he has a facility.
Main areas:
  • Retention of good officials
  • Discipline about training procedures.. we need to see his process
  • Coaches meeting – opportunity for us to go over all the rules with coaches.
Officials are available for fall lacrosse at a fee.
Call the Game officials can go to US Lacrosse officials training that will most likely be 2ndweekend in November at Rockhurst High.  Details to come later. This will be full certified officials training.
PCA workshop will be October 16that St. Paul’s school from 10 -12 p.m.
Competitive division for 5- 8thgrade was discussed. All the representatives of the clubs were not in favor of a select division.
Pierre motioned to vote, Rob 2ndand motioned passed to stay developmental.
Greg Goss will make a proposal at the next meeting to separate teams by grade level 5 – 8th.
He will present what might look like.
Mike Lettera was meeting with Joel Henning of LAKS to discuss eligibility of 8thgraders playing KCYLL and High school. He will report back at the next meeting.
Grades 2/3/4
It was discussed there was a large gap in size, coordination from a 2ndgrader to 4thgraders. All were in favor of 2ndgraders playing by themselves and 3.4thstaying together.
Lee’ Summit:
Lee’s Summit will come into the league spring 2011 season. They have 64 total players. Eric will present at the next meeting.
We have been promised a turf field in Northland next season. SME and Rockhurst U will be possibilities again as well. Lee’s Summit has turf fields also.
In order to pay for all turf we would have to raise dues to $950 per team. This was thought to be too much.
We discussed home and way fields, with clubs sharing home fields. Ex. Brookside and PV would share cost of SME.
Pierre was investigated a turf field out south.
Home and Away fields vs. League rented fields will be further discussed at the next meeting.
Next Meeting Wednesday,  September 29th6:30 Lee Jeans. Please have your representatives in attendance.