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February 17, 2010

Janos Glynn
Randy Kurt
Mike Lettera
Holly Milledge
Greg Goss
Jeremiah Ryden
Hunter Anderson
Rob McCarthy – Olathe
Eric Koford – Lee’ s Summitt
– Olathe
Ken Bean
Joe/Pennie Vasta

Lee’s Summit will have intramural program for 5-7th grade boys. Would like to scrimmage our teams during the week. Please be available to support their program and hopefully they can play in the league 2011 season.
Jake Dean of TRUE lacrosse spoke to Greg and will correct his email list. He will be contacting teams about a free clinic at practices week of April 10th.
Rosters – Northland Roster is in web site, missing a few US LAX numbers for coaches, will get those.
PV all roster and coaches are registered US lax.
Brookside – all in
Pembroke – to Greg and missing a few numbers, are working on getting those
St, Paul’s – in, coaches to come
Blue Valley is to Greg
Olathe – working on theirs, checking on coaches US lax numbers
Leadwood, registered online so should be in
Each team needs to check their rosters against US Lacrosse roster. Link in email to sign up for on line access to US lacrosse roster check.
Joe Vasta – Girls
Have 8 girls teams, 4 returning are three Blue Valley and one Brookside
New teams are PV, Leawood, and 2 teams from St. Paul’s/Pembroke
Fees will be $560 per team. Covers field, field lining, umpire, bathrooms and basic set up.
Girls play at Blue Valley NW High School at 132nd and Switzer.
Northland will have 3-4 girls team intramural this year.
Greg will work on the schedule this weekend and get out for first look next week.
Team fees, $525 per team send money to Janos.
2-4th graders will play Sat. We have 2 fields at New Mark and possibly St. Ann’s.
Iron horse fields are not an option for Sat. games, spoke with Jim.
Field management –
Clubs need to find parents to help manage field opening and closing. Northland will manage New Mark first day, PV East and Blue Valley Mill creek for opening weekend. SME field and Mill Creek have them. Mike is looking into New Mark opening the school for us.
Rainout line is 877-474-8246 – ext 5955. From Is it a go web site. Free of charge. Can change from phone or web site.
March 21 – official’s day. Mike emailing out the schedule. 12 – 5.
Coaches meeting follow up – Hunter
Reported that Dick’s did over $20,000 in sales of lacrosse equipment. Fabulous!
Sports Authority and Dick’s would like to both sponsor and should be equal value so one not greater than the other.
Tournament fields – working on and Holly will check with Blue Valley West. May 22/23rd. Joe Diponio is checking with NKC High schools.