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February 17, 2010

Janos Glynn
Randy Kurt
Mike Lettera
Holly Milledge
Greg Goss
Rob Worrell
Tim Hannon
Jeremiah Ryden
Hunter Anderson
Jim McEnerney
Dan Hapke
Mary Orndoff
Rob McCarthy – Olathe
Eric Koford – Lee’ s Summitt
Johnetta Cox
Dan Duffy – Northland
- Olathe

Meeting was called to order, minutes approved.
Guest Tom Maloney presented Evoshield equipment for lacrosse. He can do Team sales, is willing to come to teams to fit the players. He has stock in KC. If everyone can send an email about this to their parents we would like to gage interest level. A pdf of the equipment was sent earlier.
Web site is www.evoshiled.com
True Lacrosse camp Jake Deane will be in KC and would like to offer free 30 minute clinics at youth practices, then promote his camp by passing out a flyer. His camp is in July. Will be in town April 7 – 10th.
A concern was raised that he used our email addresses last year when he was told to stop and over sent emails to our KCYLL families. We tabled this issue based on recommendation from the committee below.
We need to set a protocol for promoting camps, sending out emails ect. and handling “free” items. A committee was formed to look into sponsorships, hot to accept gratis and possibly looking for grant money to provide equipment for diverse new teams.
The committee will be Mike Lettera, Mary Orndoff, Eric Koford, Johnetta Cox and Dan Hapke.
Tim Hannon mentioned that we will also be getting camps, clinic from US Lacrosse now so we need to be aware of this as well.
Janos presented the budget. Team fees for 5/6 and 7.8th grade will be $525 per team.
We have not budgeted for Port Potty this year. SME field and Mill Creek have them. Mike is looking into New Mark opening the school for us.
We have not budgeted for end of season tournament.
2/3/4 grade team fees will be $425.
Girls have their own budget.
2/3/4th graders will play games at Northland and porter Park and this has not been budgeted yet either.
Their games will begin April 3rd.
We will have approximately 31 boys teams
We had no issues with program boundaries and next year we discussed having a waiver request if someone wants to play on a team outside their area. This will be post season discussion.
Teams are to be split by a draft and as even ability as possible by age, rank of A, B. or C player.
Rosters are due on the web site by March 7th.
All player s and coaches must be registered with US lacrosse in order for insurance certificates to be sent to all game fields.
Teams can import their rosters to KCYLL
Home and Away fields for next season was brought up and tabled for post season discussion.
The set up and tear down of each field location will be assigned to a club each weekend. They will be responsible for setting up goals, retouching lines if needed, setting up tables, picking up trash and locking up goals at the end of play. Please email your parents and get some people on board to help us with this.
Games will begin March 28.
We will have an 8 game season in a 7 week period with each team getting a double header one weekend.
The tournament will be weekend of May 21, 22, and 23 instead of June now. We will look into tournament fields for these dates.
2 hours before a game a call will be made in case of weather.
February 23 coaches meeting at The Well 74th and Wornall.
Jay Coleman guest speaker. Bylaws will be reviewed. Call the game will be there as well.
Rules will be discussed.
3/21 will be youth day at New Mark 12 – 5 p.m. This will be ref training day.
PV will bring two teams, Brookside 2, Leawood 2 and Northland 2.
Scrimmages will be played with one new official and one experienced official on the field.
ESB will give $500 for this and we will contribute the remainder.
Rob and Mike will contact Call the games to make sure our prices are locked in for at least two years. Randy Kurt mentioned that he has used Call eh Game for quite some time and prices have not gone up.
Next meeting will be a conference call March 10 at 6:15.
Call in number to be emailed out separately.