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KCYLL Meeting minutes
September 9, 2009
In attendance:

Randy Kurt
Holly Milledge
Greg Goss
Tim Hannon
Dan Hapke
Mike Luterra
Dan McNeese – High school
Ken Bean
Eric Koford
Jonas Glynn
Jeremiah Ryden

New President Mike Luttera opened the meeting with introductions.
Eric Koford joined us as he is starting a new Lee’s Summit youth team. 
Janos Glynn and Jeremiah Ryden are starting a new Blue Valley Club.
Treasures’ Report: KCYLL has $3,021.00 in our account.
We owe John Brenemen about $150 and we owe Greg Goss some money for equipment ect. We bought 6 new goals last year and 2 tables. Ryan McGlaughlin would like someone else to take over Treasurer.
The League also needs a Vice President. As Mike Travels and we need someone to step in if he shold be called away last minute.
Next meeting we will vote on anew VP and Treasurer. Please think of people who could join our board in this capacity.
We will form the following committees:
Fields and Equipment – this group will be responsible for making sure the fields are lined, and equipment put out on game day, trash bags ect..
Rules and Officials committee – board liaison with officials Management Company (see later in minutes).
Mark Eimer is still planning on doing the posters for us as promotion in winter/spring before registration. Holly working with him to get the shoots for the players. 3 boys and 1 girl. He will attend next meeting to present his mock ups. The board would like some input on style ect..
US Lacrosse Chapter Update:
 Tim submitted the application July 27th, before the deadline.
The 1st stage is now and we should know if we passed this by end of September. The 2nds stage then takes place. We will not know if we received the chapter until January 17, 2010.
New Business:
We heard a presentation from “call the game” by owner John Dehan. He is an official’s management company that would like to officiate youth lacrosse games and possibly high school. They have over 950 officials and current contracts with GABL, FCCJC and Metropolitan Private School League. He comes very highly recommended by Randy Kurt who has used the company for two years. There is interest among current call the game officials to learn lacrosse, boys and girls, and officiate beginning spring 2010. It was motioned and passed that we will proceed with using this company. The cost is only an additional $12.00 more per game. Officials receive $29 and he takes $2 fee. He trains them, grade cards for coaches are in p lace, grade cards for refs are in place and he handles all taxes, scheduling ect… His average age for officials is about 20-25. He does hire as young as 16, no younger. He will received a list of our high school officials from last year to see if any of them are interested in speaking with him and working for call the game.
The training will either be by St. Louse ref at the Jamboree or Texas has indicated they will help John as well. He will utilize fall leagues to have some interested officials watch lacrosse and get a feel or the game.
It was also decided that we will have a mandatory coaches meeting before the season starts.
Girls Lacrosse:
Penny Vasta spoke on girl’s lacrosse. They are in their 3rd season. We would like to bring them in under KCYLL. We will put information on our web site for 2010 season.
PV and Northland will start a girls youth team.
Penny schedules own fields through Blue Valley.
Next meeting September 30.
We will go over Constitution and Bly laws.
VP and Treasurer Nominations.
Fields for 2010