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Youth Lacrosse Minutes
January 21, 2009
In attendance:
Gary Haarmann
Tim Hannon
Randy Kurt
Holly Milledge
Dan Hapke
Greg Goss
Steve Penrod
Jason Ford
Mike Lettera
Gary Haarmann introduced his International Sports travel agency. They take groups to Europe for sporting tournaments /tours ect.. Lax festival in Dublin this year.
www.aist.us for more information
We might want to consider taking a KC team and a few years. Need to plan 18 months in advance. Approximately $1000 per player.
Treasurer report – Greg Goss.
Need to become an LLC. $100 fee.
Web site
Everyone take a look at the website. Players can register on line for each team. We can take CC or send in a check and all information accessible to us.
$475 per year
$200 set up one tome fee
$125 domain name
Let Greg know within a week if you are for this site.
Leawood is doubling the cost.
Best option now is Blackbob at 151st and Blackbob. Fields in good shape, we can leave goals, parking available, restrooms ect. Jason Ford checking with them again this week.
Have also submitted request to:
Blue Valley
KC MO school district
Westport High School
Northland, Newmarc (sp?) is available.
Games will be played on Sundays. 7/8th grade teams can play additional games during the week if they want. Schedule at own fields.
Background checks for coaches
Tim handed out sheet from US lacrosse. They can do background checks on coaches. Highly recommended.
Olathe team:
Hoping Doug Fischer will coach 7/8 grade team.
Need to get some Dad’s to help and be committed.
Coaches players clinic Jan. 31st. Website is www.crossandlacrosse.com
Coaching clinic 9 -10:30 is free of charge. Please let Holly know if you are coming.
Girls 10:45 – 1:45
Boys 1:15 – 4:00
$40 per player
Signup on website: www.crossandlacrosse.com
Ref Clinic
Those interested in reffing will attend MOLOA ref clinic at Rockhurst.
We will pay $25 per game
First time they no show, they have to do a game for free.
All star team.
Tryouts will be March 22nd.
26 players.
All Midwest states will tryout in KC.
Tournament in Late July, early August.
Coaches certification
Recommended that our coaches get certified. Can do this online at US lacrosse. Level one takes about 2 hours.
Next meeting Feb. 18, 2009