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KCYLL Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
SMA Conference Room
I.          The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  Those in attendance included:
Pierre Barbeau – Leawood                             Greg Goss – Brookside          
Leah Burkhead – Prairie Village, Secretary    Rod Nofziger – Lee’s Summit
Janos Glynn – Blue Valley, First V.P.            Jodie Stallard – Prairie Village
Jeremiah Ryden – Blue Valley                       Jack Yates – Pembroke Hill, President
Chris Baranczuk – Mill Valley                        Josh Dillavou – SMA
Gil Scott – Northland                                     Rich Hunter – SMA
Brian Babb – Northland                                 Brett Hunter – SMA
Mike McKenna – Leawood, Treasurer           Andrew Kinsman – SMA
Those not appearing but granting proxy:
Tracey Dujakovich – Olathe, Proxy to Jack Yates
II.        Approval of Minutes
            The Board minutes of September 24, 2013 were approved as written.
III.       Report of the President
            Jack indicated he would keep the present president’s report brief because there were many issues to be addressed at the meeting.  He did briefly review rule changes made by the NFHS which the KCYLL follows.  These will go into effect in January 2014.  There are 14 changes, and Jack briefly reviewed several of them including clarification of what constitutes an illegal body check.  It is now a minimum of a two-minute, non-releasable penalty.  Checks involving the head and neck are automatically at least a two-minute, non-releasable penalty.  There is no longer a one-minute penalty for checks involving the head/neck.  Another change is the man-down-face-off rule.  There now must be four players on the defensive half and three players on the offensive half of the field.  An additional rule is that the face-off man may not have tape on the plastic throat of the head of the cross.  The substitution area had been expanded.  Jack indicated that if anyone wanted a copy of the federation rule changes, he could make those available. 
IV.       Old Business
            The single topic presented for old business was the proposal to move to the US Lacrosse age-based divisions across the board and to move to skill-based divisions.  Jack proposed that the issue be presented as a series of questions.  As a starting point, he asked the Board if they were in favor of moving to skill-based divisions.  A straw poll was held and all were in favor, except one “no” vote from Bill Esrey, on behalf of Pembroke Hill.  Based upon the results of this straw poll, Jack moved forward with the series of questions presented on the proposal.  The first question was, “Should we accelerate the time table for conversion to age-based to all divisions effective with the 2014 season?”  The consensus of the group was “yes.”  The next question was, “Should the move to skill-based divisions in 2014 be limited to U13 and U15 divisions?”  The consensus of the group on this issue was “yes” as well.  The next question was, “Should the U11 division continue to play on modified fields?”  Again, the consensus of the group was “yes.”  The next question presented was, “What is the minimum number of teams required to create subdivisions on the basis of skills ability and experience?”  Jack indicated that, in his opinion, there should be a minimum of four teams in each subdivision to compete.  Greg Goss agreed, and it was the consensus of the group that there should be a minimum of four teams.  There was then a straw poll of which clubs would be able to field an A team, and the majority of clubs thought they could.  Jack reiterated that the club would have the option of determining whether or not a team was properly placed in the A or B division.  Greg Goss expressed concern that if a program did not have an A division, a player may attempt to play for another club who has an A team.  The example he provided was that if he had a child that lived in his neighborhood but that they went to St. Paul’s and wanted to play in his club.  He said that was a “fight” he did not want to take on.  It was his opinion that the club, where the child wanted to leave, should have to convince him to stay.  Jack reiterated that the by-laws do not allow a player to transfer to another club if he had previously played there.  The next question presented was, “Should each division have a championship?”  The consensus of the board members present was “yes.”  Jack did indicate that he had received at least two strong comments against playing a championship game at the B level.  Again, the consensus of the group was that there should be a championship game for both A and B level teams.  This also led to the discussion that if a team had to play out of their subdivision, whether it was an A playing a B team or vice versa, then that game would not be counted toward their record.  The consensus on that issue was the game should not count toward their record. 
The next discussion was of the age-based system, and the Board was in agreement that we should move across the board to the US Lacrosse age-based levels.  This brought up a discussion of the U10 category as proposed in Chris Brewster’s conversion proposal.  Greg Goss provided his theory and explanation of the need for a U10 subdivision.  There was considerable discussion regarding this issue and a vote was held.  All present voted “no,” except for two “yes” votes from Greg Goss with Brookside and Gil Scott with Northland.  After the vote, Greg indicated that he had several players who quit because Heritage Park was simply too far to travel for games.  He did ask that they be assigned to closer fields.  This led to a discussion of the possibility of additional fields being offered.  Pierre Barbeau said that Ironwoods was a possibility this year and that he would look into that.  Brett indicated, on behalf of SMA, that there are other field options out there, and those are being looked into.
The next issue presented was the waiver process.  Rod Nofziger, on behalf of Lee’s Summit, indicated that he would like a “clean break” and that if we are going to move to an age-based system, that those be strictly followed.  Mike McKenna indicated, on behalf of Leawood, that it was his opinion that if a child wanted to play up, then that should be between the parent and the club.  Jack then indicated that last year, there were only eleven waivers submitted and they were all for players wanting to play up.  The consensus of the Board was that the proposed language change regarding waivers would potentially lead to move waiver requests.  It was ultimately proposed that the waiver language be left as it is.  A vote was held and all voted in favor, except for one “no” vote from Greg Goss with Brookside. 
The next issue presented was from Rod Nofziger who suggested that the clubs require that birth certificates be submitted for players as there had been some suspicion that kids were not playing on the correct grade level or age-based level in past years.  This would also help with the perception that parents and players have when a child is exceptionally large or mature for his age.  The members of the Board seem to be open to considering this in the future, but agreed with so many changes on the table that would best be addressed as future business. 
The next issue was the date cutoff used by US Lacrosse of August 31.  This is consistent with the public and parochial schools on the Kansas side.  However, the age cutoff on the Missouri side is August 1.  Jack had proposed that that the earlier date be used since our league operates in both states.  The consensus of the board was to follow the US Lacrosse rules and utilize the August 31 date. 
Jack then indicated that all of the revision as voted by the Board would be made and a final proposal would be submitted for approval by the Executive Board
V.        New Business
            Election of Officers
            Jack then indicated that elections would be held this evening for President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary. 
            The first to be discussed was President.  Jack asked whether or not there were any nominations, and Pierre Barbeau nominated Janos Glynn.  No other nominations were submitted.  Janos then explained his goals as President which would be to improve officiating, to get a better structure and to continue to promote the league’s growth.  Jack then moved to proceed to acclamation of Janos Glynn as the new President.  All in attendance voted in favor.  This then left Janos’ 1st Vice President open which has a one-year term remaining.  Janos then nominated Pierre Barbeau to complete his one year term as 1st Vice President; no other nominations were made.  Jack then moved to proceed to acclamation of Pierre Barbeau as 1st Vice President.  All in attendance voted in favor.
            Nominations were then held for 2nd Vice President which is a two-year term which was previously held by Bill Esrey.  No nominations were made, and it was decided to leave that position open for future determination. 
            The next position open was Secretary.  Leah Burkhead nominated Jodie Stallard.  No additional nominations were made.  Jack moved to proceed to acclamation of Jodie Stallard as Secretary.  All in attendance voted in favor.
VI.       Comments of Departing Officers
            Jack Yates had an opportunity then to share with the Board his comments and remarks regarding his tenure as President.  He thanked all that had been instrumental in helping him with his office and indicated that he would be available to provide the programs with timekeeper and scorekeeper training as he had done for Prairie Village and Lees Summit last season and was hopeful that we would see him on the field as a referee in the future.  He closed by indicating that what he had found most rewarding during his experience was the reason we were all involved with youth lacrosse was our shared love of the game of lacrosse.  Bill Esrey then thanked the Board for his opportunity to serve. 
            The meeting was adjourned at 8:45. 
Respectfully submitted,
Leah Burkhead

KCYLL Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 13, 2013
SMA Conference Room
I.          The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  Those in attendance included:
John Dehan – Call the Game                          Debbie Ward – Prairie Village
Brett Hunter – SMA                                       Jeremiah Ryden – Blue Valley
Rich Hunter – SMA                                        Pierre Barbeau – Leawood
Josh Dillavou – SMA                                      Mike McKenna – Leawood, Treasurer
Janos Glynn – Blue Valley, First V.P.            Michelle Chrisman – Lee’s Summit
Chris Baranczuk – Mill Valley                        Bill Esrey – Pembroke Hill, 2nd V.P.
Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s                                  Jack Yates – President
Leah Burkhead – Secretary                           
Greg Goss – Brookside
Those not appearing but granting proxy:
John Birkel (Prairie Village) – proxy to Debbie Ward
II.        Approval of Minutes
            There were no additions or corrections of the January 22, 2013 minutes so they were approved as written. 
III.       Report of the President
            Before giving the President’s Report, Jack had John Dehan from Call the Game review officiating this past season as he had another obligation and had to leave.  John rated the past year’s officiating as “so-so”.  He indicated that the number of officials was down and that they are in need of more training.  He also indicated that the Jamboree being rained out negatively impacted the training of the officials.  John wanted to dispel any notion that they were not interested in lacrosse and indicated that he saw it as a growing sport and very much wanted to continue their association with the KCYLL.   He also announced a cooperative agreement with Jon Brenneman and his group of high school officials.
            A discussion ensued including the bench officials this past season.  The consensus was that that it had been “tried and done” and would be phased out in the future.  Mike McKenna suggested having a coaches and referee meeting pre-season to talk through expectations and rules in hopes of making the coach/referee relationship a cooperative one.
            Jack presented the President’s Report.  He first congratulated the winners of each division and noted that the Northland Club played in 4 out of 5 championship games.  Jack also discussed the inclement weather at the beginning of the season but was pleased that only two games were not made up.  In total 270 games were played.
Jack discussed the fields that were used this season.  There is a consensus that Park Hill at $143.00 per hour versus the Shawnee Mission fields at $55.00 per hour is not cost effective.  As such, the league will be looking for alternative fields.   
            Jack discussed the growth of the league this year which increased by 5%.  The 2012 season had 1,050 players and the 2013 season had 1,105 players.  That being said, some players were turned away for lack of coaches.  This led to a discussion of the league taking proactive steps to recruit coaches.  Pierre Barbeau suggested recruiting high school players to assist with parent coaches who may not have the lacrosse expertise but otherwise possessed the characteristics and experience to be a coach. 
            The services provided by SMA were discussed next.  Jack indicated that although there were some hiccups early on that he felt by season end that things had gone very smoothly.  He shared his appreciation with SMA for their hard work. 
            Jack then discussed officiating for this past season and indicated that the coaches rated the referees at 4 and the referees rated the coaches at 3.5.  This led to a discussion of the coaching behavior of this past season.  Jack indicated he had seen some really good coaches and, unfortunately, some very negative incidents this past season.  There were 4 coach ejections for conduct, 2 player ejections for conduct and 15 players that fouled out.  Jack also indicated that his review of the score sheets this year were unfortunately not favorable.  He once again offered to provide clock and scorekeeper training to the programs.  He commended Blue Valley for the score and clock training they provided in their club and indicated that that was some of the best score sheets he saw. 
            Jack then reviewed the All-Star Game which was a great success and remains a very good thing for the league and the lacrosse community.  It was also a very competitive game showing that the selection process and the draft procedure work well. 
            Jack indicated that the league was working on doing a survey that would be done through the Survey Monkey software.  This will hopefully go out in the very near future while peoples’ memories are still fresh.  Debbie Ward indicated that Prairie Village sent out a survey which was very helpful and informative.  She indicated that 63% of the respondents indicated that they would be in favor of moving to age based divisions and skilled divisions.  Jack indicated that he believed that was the direction the league would be going and that this issue would be voted on in October.  Jack has appointed a committee including Janos Glynn, Bill Esrey and Tracy Dujakovich to get a perspective from the different programs on these two issues. 
            Jack indicated that elections would be held in October as his term as President is coming to an end.  The position of 2nd Vice President and Treasurer will also be open and voted on at that time.  Jack encouraged the Board Members to give serious consideration to those individuals the would like to see in these critical positions.
A discussion was held regarding switching software programs from League Athletics to Blue Sombrero - a software program - offered by Dick’s free of charge.  Some concerns were voiced regarding Blue Sombrero as it is the current software for Heartland Soccer.  Brett Hunter indicated that the Johnson County Football League and GABL both used the software and have   been pleased.  Brett indicated that Blue Sombrero is willing to make adjustments as needed dependent upon the programs needs.  Brett said that at the October meeting he would have a software demonstration available. 
            Jack advised that he had been contacted by the Northwestern Arkansas Youth program director wanting to set up games with our teams.  Jack did not believe that was possible during the season due to time and field limitations.  If, however, anyone would like to schedule a game in the off season, they can contact Jack for contact information. 
IV.       Treasurer’s report
            Mike McKenna then provided the treasurer’s report as well as a spreadsheet.  Total income for 2013 was $63,400.00 and total expenses were $62,964.56.  The preseason balance was $8,000.00 and the current balance is $8,435.44 which with an additional $833.81 in the Country Club Bank account.  Mike did not anticipate any additional expenses.
V.        Coach Conduct

Coaches conduct this past season was discussed.  Mike McKenna indicated that he thought there needed to be a balance between the coaches and the officials roles and suggested a cooperative effort.  There was a discussion of a couple of coaching incidents this past season and, in particular, those associated with the Leawood program.  Pierre Barbeau indicated that anything that the league could do to help recruit and prepare coaches would be beneficial.  It would provide a larger pool from which to select qualified coaches and would allow more kids to play.  There was a discussion that the respective clubs and the league need to provide a screening process for the coaches.  Leah Burkhead suggested that the league require the clubs provide the coaches’ qualifications and backgrounds and that they be screened prior to allowing them to coach.  Jack thought the main problem this past season was lack of civility.  There was a consensus that just because a coach was not ejected does not mean they were acting in a civil manner.  There was a consensus that objective criteria needed to be outlined regarding what is expected of a coach and what behaviors will and will not be tolerated.  Jack indicated that this past season Leawood had their coaches sign a code of conduct and that may be appropriate to require of all coaches in the league. 
VI.       Other
            The last topic for discussion was Greg Goss’s dissatisfaction when his team did not have enough players the referees would not allow them to go forward with the game as it was unsanctioned.  Brett indicated that this was for liability reasons and that that matter was handled the way the SMA staff and referees had been instructed. 
            The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Leah Burkhead